Conditioned Steam

Cast Iron Conditioned Steam Humidifiers

Uses direct-steam injection to achieve conditioned steam through quick control response and accurate output control.

Stainless Steel Direct Steam

For use in sensitive environments where pure demineralized, deionized or distilled is used to generate clean steam.

Steam Shower Humidifiers

Designed to create high humidity in a close proximity to a fast-moving sheet or film. Electrically controlled and pneumatically controlled models are offered in two sizes.

Humidifier Operators

Various types are available to be compatible with the system in which it is installed.

Steam-to-Steam Humidifiers

Use a heat exchanger and the heat of treated steam to create a secondary steam for humidification from untreated water.

HumidiPack™ Steam Dispersion Panel

A prefabricated steam humidifier system to insert into a duct – ideal for users with limited space.

Control Valves

Used for humidifiers to provide immediate response and precise modulation to maintain accurate humidity.

Steam Humidifiers

Electric Steam Humidifiers

Electric steam humidifiers are used when a source of steam is not available. Available in an electrode-type, Series EHU-800 or ionic bed-type, HumidiClean™ Series HC-6000.

Gas-Fired Steam Humidiclean™

This ionic bed technology fueled by natural gas or propane is adaptable to various water qualities and reduces maintenance and downtime.


The Pressure Fog®

An efficient high pressure atomizing humidification, which produces a rich fog to raise relative humidity without the need of an air compressor. This system is ideal for applications that require high water volume with minimum energy use.

Armstrong Cool Fog®

This system uses both compressed air and pressurized water to achieve atomization. This system is for use with potable or reverse osmosis purified water in commercial and industrial applications. All wetted parts are stainless steel, brass or copper.


Evaporative EvaPack™ Series

Efficiently converts liquid tap water into water vapor using adiabatic process or evaporation. This system is compact (23.6-inch depth), easy to install and easy to maintain. EvaPack™ is suitable for HVAC or data center applications.

Specialized Steam Dispersion

Series M/MH & Series D

The Series M/MH standard steam-jacketed manifolds should be used if you are using the Series 9000/1000 direct-steam-injection humidifiers, and vapor absorption distance is not critical, or is less than 36 inches (91 cm). The Series D manifolds for duct-type distribution should be used where an existing duct system is available.


The ExpressPack® is a multi-tube steam dispersion panel that accepts atmospheric source steam and discharges it into a duct or air handling unit. Package the ExpressPack® with an Armstrong humidifier.