Armstrong flow meters provide adaptability for accurate steam flow




Tuscaloosa, AL

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Retrofit with Armstrong Accelabar® Flow Meters


Each of the four existing boilers at the hospital had a differential pressure type flow meter installed between the boiler outlet and the steam header. Due to space constraints, the meters were installed with piping elbows located before and after the meters. Differential type flow meters require a certain amount of straight pipe run before and after the meters to promote laminar flow for proper readings. The existing meters were not capable of providing useful or accurate measurements. The challenge was to provide steam flow meters within the existing piping configuration.


ADCO’s solution incorporated Armstrong’s VERIS Accelabar® flow meters. The Accelabar was chosen because of its adaptability to provide accurate flow measurements without any straight run requirements before or after the meter. The Accelabars were paired with flow computers to accurately compensate for daytime steam pressure requirements and the night set back steam pressure changes. The information from the flow computers was routed through the boiler controllers, and then to the control room SCADA system for reading and recording purposes. The system steam plant now has accurate steam flows from each boiler for their energy management program.

Now that the hospital is receiving accurate steam flow data, the hospital engineers have been able to analyze other steam/condensate related issues. They are so satisfied with the accuracy of the Accelabars, they are evaluating how to utilize Accelabars in other metering solutions like natural gas, condensate, water and others.

To learn more about VERIS Accelabar flow measurement, visit Armstrong’s website.

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