Cleaver-Brooks is the leader in packaged boilers, controls and boiler room equipment. CB delivers packaged firetube boilers to 2,200 HP, commercial boilers to 12,500,000 Btu/hr, Industrial watertube boilers to 500,000 lbs/hr, Electric boilers, Packaged burners for high efficiency and low emissions, Deaerators, boiler feed systems, water softeners, advanced combustion controls and heat recovery equipment:

Spray Type Dearerators
Packed Column Deaerators
Tray Type Deaerators
Blowdown Heat Recovery
PLC Based Controls
Water Softeners
Blowdown equipment

BFS Indsutries:
BFS Industries, LLC carries a full line of standard boiler feed system products and systems, both elevated and low profile solutions to fit your application. BFS specializes in all types of Deaerators, atmopshperic feed systems and fuel oil handling systems. For those non-standard requirements, BFS Industries can customize any system to your application.


Water King:
Since 1934, Water King has been delivering experience, quality, and service to meet the needs of the water treatment industry. Call us today for softeners, filters, RO systems and other water treatment needs.


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